By Erika O'Neal | Bastrop Guide

With a new year comes new resolutions! Exercising more, getting back in shape or simply getting outdoors more are all top resolutions for many.  

If these are some of your goals this new year; this blog is for you! Getting in shape doesn't have to be boring, not having a sitter is no longer an excuse. Make getting in shape a bit more fun by heading over to one of many Bastrop County Parks. Gyms can sometimes be intimidating and finding other ways to stay in shape can be really helpful and fun.

Do you know of the many hiking and biking trails available throughout the parks? There are also so many other options for getting in some sweat. If you're into sports you'll find many different courts and fields through out Bastrop County Parks. Some of the courts you'll find include; basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields and soccer fields are also available. Maybe you want something more relaxing? How about fishing or canoeing? 

Our Parks Directory lists some of the most popular parks in Bastrop County, and surrounding communities. We hope that you'll find the list helpful and are able to accomplish your goals!

Have fun, be safe and tag us with the hashtag #bastropguide we love to share our followers posts and stories and love to see everyone out having a great time and enjoying the community and all it has to offer.